How To Become a Male Pornstar In 6 Easy Steps 

How to become a male pornstar and tough can it be? Most porn is made for straight guys, who are obviously not watching for the guy, but for the girl(s).

Surely, then, it’s a dream job for many guys – you’re essentially getting paid to turn up and fuck beautiful women. What’s not to love? 

The truth is that there is plenty that goes into being a successful male porn star, and it’s much tougher than you might think at first blush.

From the size of your cock to your ability to get hard, stay hard, and cum on demand, it’s really not that easy being a male porn star. 

Still not put off? Let’s look at the six steps to becoming a male porn star. 

Step 1: Have A Decent-Sized Dick 

Sorry boys – it turns out that size does matter. At least, when it comes to the porn industry. I’ve been to a lot of porn conventions and met male pornstars in person, they really are as hung IRL as they are on screen!

When it comes to being a male porn star, a minimum dick size of at least 8 inches is mandatory – and 9 or larger is preferable.

If you aren’t hung like a shire horse, chances are that a career in the porn industry is simply not an option. 

Step 2: Have Tantric Levels Of Control Over That Dick 

Got a big dick? Great. But that’s just what you need at the entry-level. Size does matter – and it’s what you do with it that counts. 

For porn, this means a few things. Firstly, you need to be able to get hard on command, with little to no external stimulation.

When the director needs you ready to go, that’s all the notice you get/need; you should be standing to attention and ready to fuck scant seconds after that. 

Secondly, you need to stay hard. And we’re not talking for a mere half-hour of fucking that laypeople like you or I might be used to (OK, OK: ten minutes). We’re talking for hours on end, under sweltering studio lights, while constantly fucking under the scrutiny of several cameras.

For a lot of guys, there’s a great chance of performance anxiety, and the inability to get hard at all. 

Finally, you’ve gotta be able to cum on demand (and not before that). It’s no good blowing your load 10 minutes into a 45-minute performance, after all. You need to be able to hold off until the director gives the signal – and then you need to unleash hell upon command. 

For most of us, it can be laborious getting it up and performing for eight minutes without major mishaps. Imagine having to do that for an hour, and then being told to immediately cum.

It’s a lot of pressure, and it’s not for everyone. 

Step 3: Be Physically Fit 

In the past, the Ron Jeremies of the world might have gotten away with simply having a massive dick. But that isn’t enough anymore in the world of modern porn. These days, you’d better be fit enough to run a marathon and still have energy to burn. 

This isn’t necessarily about having washboard abs and bulging biceps (although those things can help). It’s more of a question of logistics and practicality.

You’re going to have to fuck for long stretches of time, after all, and you’re often going to be required to pick your co-stars up and support their weight. 

Step 4: Be Gay (Optional)

This one might have you scratching your head if you’re looking to do straight porn. Why would you need to be gay (or bi)? How are you supposed to get aroused if you’re fucking someone you’re not attracted to? 

Remember that if you’re a porn star, you’re not necessarily doing it for pleasure. It’s a job, and as with any job, what you’re required to do is not necessarily what you’d want to do. 

Therefore, if you’re gay, it stands to reason that you’re gonna find it easier to fuck a woman for an hour without being so aroused that you’ll cum before your cue.

This also ties back into step 2 – you’re going to need to be able to exercise complete control over your dick, which means that you’ll need to get (and stay) hard despite the fact that you’re not remotely aroused by your co-star. 

Furthermore, male porn stars are often asked to do things a lot of straight guys might consider ‘gay’. This includes double penetration (where your balls will be slapping against the other guys’) or perhaps even more explicitly bisexual stuff.

In either case, being gay/bi is an advantage, and it’s common for many otherwise straight guys to be ”gay for pay” in the porn industry.

Step 5: Be Prepared For The Stigma 

Like face tattoos or a prison record, having sex on camera is something that’s going to follow you around for the rest of your life.

It means that ‘polite society’ will forever reject you (if they find out – and they may well do), and you’ll find it much harder to get a mainstream job due to the stigma associated with having held down an ‘undesirable’ job. 

On top of that, family and friends may well find out, and their reactions, while not uniform, are unlikely to be positive.

Be prepared for mockery, rejection, or vilification from at least some of your circle of friends – and likely some family members – if they find out. 

Step 6: Pick A Stage Name 

It will be easier to deal with the above if you’re not linking your real name to your new status as a professional fucksmith, so it’s a really good idea to take a stage name and keep your personal/professional lives separate.

What, you didn’t think James Deen was his real name, did you? 

It’s common to have a name that sounds vaguely sexual (like Ben Dover) or like that of a celebrity (as with Mr. Deen above) to make yourself marketable. But the most important thing is that it’s not your real name. 

Final Thoughts on How to Become a Male Pornstar

Not quite as easy as it sounds, right? Far from simply turning up, whipping it out, and sticking it in, there are a lot of nuances that go into becoming a male porn star.

If you’ve got the dick, the stamina, and the mental fortitude for it, however, it’s well worth considering as a career. 

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