"You haven’t truly experienced another nation's culture until you’ve been balls-deep in its local sex scene. I've made it my mission to ensure people are able to find them."

- Karl Majak

Kinky Travel

From the windows of Amsterdam’s red light district and the sticky porn cinemas of Hungary to the mega brothels of Germany and the exotic swinger resorts of the Caribbean, there are few debauched corners of the world that the Kink Consult team haven’t been balls deep inside. The question is: Have you?

Sexual tourism

From navigating the debauched sex scenes of Europe like a local and safely exploring the abundance of sex on offer in Latin America to getting maximum sexual pleasure out of a trip to Asia, our sex travel consultations have developed a remarkable reputation amongst new and experienced sex tourists alike.

Balls-Deep Culture

Travel is an enlightening experience. But in our opinion, you haven’t truly experienced another nation's culture until you’ve passionately explored the unique sex scenes that every country offers. Sadly, many people are blissfully unaware of the sexual opportunities that lie in wait in foreign nations. That’s where we come in!

The Benefits

  • Save money - Our travel consultations teach you how not to get scammed, save money and make your funds go further.
  • Stay safe - Our sex guides teach you how to avoid them and stay safe from things like robberies, assaults, or worse.
  • Make the most of it - We keep you informed of all the kinky sights and experiences you might otherwise miss.